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The International Crusade of the Penny was formed and Founded by a well known Hispanic Personilaty an "Icon" in the Hispanic Communications of Radio and Television,  Mr. Victor Mendez aka "El Negrito de La Buena Suerte" or "El Bombon de Chocolate in 1987.

As he did his Radio Programs and Control Remotes during the era of working under "Liberman Brothers" Julio, Elias, and Jose Liberman with the Radio Station KLVE of Los Angeles, Ca. and also doing his Television Shows in Channel 22 KWHY-TV realized that all the public he came in contact and conversed something came to his attention that the Community was in great need of assistance.  As he continued working with that in mind, he also saw that many individuals gave to significant nor value to the Penny. And to him a Penny has a great value, without that particular penny 99 cents would not become a dollar.

Besides that, the Penny had the head of our great President Abraham Lincoln whom did a lot of great works and made all things possible for equal rights which made a Great Country, "America the Beautiful".

Mr. Mendez also realized that Our Country was a "Rainbow" of Nationalities and colors of people, therefore it made Our Country America, being International and having all kinds of people from all over the world.

The word Crusade came about because throughout centuries there was always crusades behind beliefs and movements, and striving for rights of goals and beliefs for the well being of humanity.

That's how the name came about, The Interantional Crusade of the Penny.

Mr. Mendez organized and shared his ideas and beliefs with it with a few individuals in 1987 with the concept of making our Communities better, and assisting children that are handicap, and eventually realizing that children grew up and became adults and that there would be no limits Throughout  the years and assisting the handicap, realizes the hurdles and has seen in some cases the discrimination taken place because of an individual being handicap. He finds it UNFAIR and is a strong Advocate for the Rights of the Handicap. The Handicap have Rights Too!

By the "Grace" of God, and the State of California it got approved in 1988 and later on got tax exempt. All of this was accomplished with all the hard work and more with the "New Board" and "New Members.

As modern times came along the Organization has extended it's goals to be not only advocates to the severely handicap, but also to the homeless, and to the less fortunate. It's out to "Curve" hunger" for a better America.

The Organization also feeds the homeless in the Parks with a hot meal, provides food and used clothing to families in need, visits convelascent homes and does what is needed for individuals who're limited in their English.

It has assisted in getting the homeless off the streets, writes resumes, obtain job leads. It's there to help families that are less fortunate providing also groceries.

So with your help, we can continue helping them. All we ask is for a small donation.




                                          "Be an Angel Donate Your Pennies"

                                  THE HANDICAP HAVE RIGHTS TOO!





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