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The International Crusade of the Penny was formed and Founded by a well known "Icon" in the Hispanic Communications  Radio and Television Host, Mr. Victor Mendez aka "El Negrito de La Buena Suerte" or "El Bombon de Chocolate".

As he did his Radio Programs and Control Remotes during the era of working under the "Liberman Brothers" Julio, Elias, and Jose Liberman with the Radio Station KLVE of Los Angeles, Ca. and also doing his Television Shows in Channel 22 KWHY-TV realized that all the public he came in contact and conversed something came to his attention that the Community was in great need of assistance.  As he continued working with that in mind, he also saw that many individuals gave to significant nor value to the Penny. And to him a Penny has a great value, without that particular penny 99 cents would not become a dollar.

Besides that, the Penny had the head of our great President Abraham Lincoln whom believed in freedom and equality for all and made all things possible for all in our  Great Country, "America the Beautiful".

He also realized that Our Country was a "Rainbow" of Nationalities and colors of people, America was International.

The word Crusade came about the idea of a group or a crew of individuals fighting for the rights of the handicap children,  adolescents, women, the elderly and the poor.  Putting it all together The International Crusade of the Penny was born.

Mr. Mendez organized it with a few individuals in 1987 with the concept of making our Communities better, and assisting children that are handicap, and eventually realizing that children grew up and became adults and that there would be no limits. By the "Grace" of God, and the State of California it got approved in 1988 and later on got tax exempt.

As modern times came along, the Organization has extended it's goals to be not only advocates to the severely handicap, but also to the homeless, and to the less fortunate. It's out to "Curve" hunger" for a better America.

The Organization also feeds the homeless in the Parks with a hot meal, provides food and used clothing to families in need, visits convelascent homes and does what is needed for individuals who're limited in their English.

The International Crusade of the Penny got recognition from Telemundo aTelvision Network in Los Angeles California.  The News Personality Azalea Iniguez did her report during her Newscasting in the morning hours. Telemundo 52 gave the recognition as being "examples to the Community" to Mr. Mendez as being the Founder.

International Crusade of the Penny


 A Telemundo News Celebrity and Loved amongst all of the Spanish Speaking audience.

Azalea is known to be an Award-winning journalist for her dedication and covering a variety of historical and community events.

She was recognized for her excellence in broadcasting journalist, granted four gold microphones and nominated to the Emmy awards three times.

She is dedicated to the community, involved in educational projects, promotes reading .


The International Crusade of the Penny was honored and recognized by Telemundo Azalea reporting as paying tribute to examplary people in our City.

Thank-You Telemundo 52, and Thank-You Azalea.


Azalea Iniguez is part of "Noticiero Telemundo 52" to help our community and reporting every day.




Victor Mendez, is an "Icon" in Radio and TV Hispanic Media. He's done innumerable Radio and Television Shows, Programs and Commercials. Also known as "El Negrito de la Buena Suerte” Also a Journalist for a Hispanic Newspaper.
Victor Mendez was born on a Spanish Ship with the name of "Virginia de Churruca" on the Coast near La Romana which was sailing in the waters of the Dominican Republic His Father came from Sicily, Italy. He was an Engineer & Archetic under a contract to Santo Domingo to oversee the construction of the Central Azucarero.(Main Sugar Refinary Co.) His Mother was Dominican.  Born into a family of talents (Radio Disc Jockeys, Singers, Musicians and Celebrities). Victor grew up in front of a microphone all his life including being in Television in the Domincan Republic as a child.
At the age of 09 he was already an orphan. He won the Lottery twice in the Dominican Republic. Matured fast and decided he wanted to live in the USA. With family connections he legalized and came to New York.

Talented grew up doing Magic, Imitating Celebrity voices, ventriloquist, and joggler. His performances were done in many, theaters. Victor Mendez, is a sharp, witty, and has incredible versatile talent. When he picks up the microphone his charismatic electrifying personality, makes his audience addictive to await listening shows. He transmits himself as a happy go lucky individual always full of joy and always positive, and sensitive to his audience.
In 1975, he was the very first Hispanic to have his own Disco Show in California which aired out on TV channel 18-KSCI-L.A and KWHY 22 L.A.  as a  Network  his programs aired all over the USA and 16 Latino Countries including South America. His Shows were: "The Super Disco Show" -“The Salsa Explotion Show” "Aqui Hay de Todo" which ran from 1979 -1981. At the same time he was a Radio Disc Jockey for KLVE 107.5 FM. Los Angeles,Ca., KMAX 107.1 FM-KLVE 107.5FM KHJ 930AM-KWIZ  under Liberman Broadcasting for the three brothers, Julio, Elias, and Jose Liberman.



Don Francisco, a stage name, his real name is Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld.   Don Francisco, is a Chilean television personality, and a popular television personality on the Univision network reaching Spanish-speaking viewers in the United States. He is best known for hosting the variety shows Sábado Gigante and Don Francisco Presenta.


Don Francisco made a special visit to Founder Victor Mendez during his Radio Show, to let him know that he knew about The International Crusade of the Penny and wanted to give his support, and whatever the Organization needed also supported because he also believed in the same cause pertaining to the children. Which they both have same things in common when it comes to the children.

It was an honor and grateful that Don Francisco made that special trip and give recognition to The International Crusade of the Penny since his time is very valuable.

You may view Don Francisco in Television every Saturday from 8:00 PM to 11:00PM "Sabado Gigante" the program with the most high ratings in all of the USA and Latin America.

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